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Entire societies have been alleged to be rape cultures.

Rape laws existed to protect virginal daughters from rape.

In the book, Brownmiller comments upon the idea that women never spoke about rape because women would never want to be open about a "crime against their physical integrity" which explained the general public's ignorance over how often rape was occurring and to whom.

to the 1975 documentary film Rape Culture, produced and directed by Margaret Lazarus and Renner Wunderlich for Cambridge Documentary Films.

Because women were becoming more involved in the public (i.e.Rape culture perpetuates particular rape myths that are codified into law.Feminists and gender activists conceptualize rape cultures that encourage gender violence, as well as perpetuate "rape myths", ranging from treating rape as merely "rough sex", to blaming the victim for inviting rape.From a biological desire, neo-Darwinists theorized rape was used as a mechanism to spread genes quickly and efficiently.By having multiple partners in a short amount of time, the desire for sex was engulfed by the need to strategically reproduce but with little to no risk of parental involvement.

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