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For all these services the British Prime Minister asked him what he wanted in return. Weizmann refused any monetary reward or a title, and said, "There is only one thing I want--a national home for my people." The Balfour Declaration, issued in November, 1917, followed.It was Britain's promise to facilitate the Jews in making a homeland in Palestine and was hailed as the Magna Carta of the Zionist movement.Civil war in Palestine between the Jews and Arabs added to his difficulties. In the second World War, the British rejected his proposal to train a Jewish Army.The Arabs insisted that Palestine had been exclusively theirs for thirteen centuries; the Jews maintained the right of prior occupation and historical connections related to their conquest of Palestine in 1200 B. They did train a Jewish battalion but that did not come into existence until 1944.When a favorite professor joined the staff of the University of Freiburg in Switzerland, Dr. He became affiliated, meanwhile, with the Zionist movement. Five years later he had the honor of laying the cornerstone of the Hebrew University on Mount Scopus in Palestine.It was in Geneva that he met Vera Chatzman, a medical student, whom he married in 1906. On his first visit to Palestine in 1907 he was instrumental in founding the Palestine Land Development Company.

In the three-quarters of a century through which he lived, he experienced every emotion: reward, for priceless scientific achievement; despair, when the great prize seemed lost, and triumph, when the prize--his lifelong dream of a Jewish home in Palestine--was achieved. He lived to become the first president of the modern state of Israel and to see pour into its borders the hundreds of thousands of homeless, abandoned European Jews.

His efforts led to his appointment as chairman of the first Zionist Commission, established in March, 1918, and recognized by the British as an official advisory body on all Jewish questions.

He appeared before the Paris Peace Conference in support of his cause. Weizmann visited the Arab Prince Feisal in his camp near Amman around this time and convinced him that the proposed Jewish national home held no existing threat to the Arabs and that Jewish-Arab cooperation was desirable.

He isolated certain organisms found in cereals and horse chestnuts and within a month had created synthetic acetone for British explosives.

He was also credited with having suggested to David Lloyd George the strategy of the campaign against Turkey which resulted ultimately in Allenby's victorious march on Jerusalem.

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