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The free-wheeling spirit and adventurous personality of the Sagittarius woman elicits a deeply buried sense of longing in the Capricorn man.He finds this aspect of her almost impossible to resist.Her free-spirited and impulsive nature is a direct contrast to his calm stability.But if sparks ignite, this unlikely pairing might find that there is more to Sagittarius woman Capricorn man compatibility than they ever anticipated.One of the biggest things that Sagittarius women and Capricorn men have in common is that they are both extremely goal oriented.He is focused on his ambitions, while she seeks something just beyond her reach.

In fact, these polar opposites seem much like oil and water – completely incapable of being mixed.

Success primarily depends on how willing the Sagittarius woman is settle down.

While this may sound like an impossibility, most Sagittarius women will eventually settle down when they are ready.

The Capricorn man finds her stories about her many adventures unlike anything he’s ever tried extremely intriguing.

Her unfettered, never-may-care approach to life elicits a sense of wonder in the deeply introverted think tank that forms the base of the Capricorn man’s mind.

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