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In the 1890s, however, Ward’s handwriting and signature contrasted later examples with fancier well constructed and flowing strokes with flourishes.

Existing signatures of Ward on legal documents and correspondence.

Mastro claimed that it was the only Ward check known to exist.

It was also during this time period that these same authenticators were also certifying After examining all of the bonifide authentic examples of Ward’s signature vs.

The Spring auction season is here and so continues the proliferation into the marketplace of fakes authenticated by PSA/DNA.

The most stunning examples are two forged checks touted to have been signed by ultra-rare HOFers John M.

Authentic examples of Ward’s earlier handwriting only came to light in the past few decades and even Ron Keurajian’s autograph guide only illustrates examples of Ward’s later signature.

PSA President Joe Orlando did not respond to our inquiry about his two controversial company authentications.The forger of the Ward check in the REA auction made a critical mistake as he attempted to replicate Ward’s signature from the post 1910 era on a check dated from 1896.Authenticators at PSA should have easily detected this immediately but even if they didn’t they should have also detected that the later version signature exhibited many tell-tale signs of forgery when compared with genuine Ward signatures from 1910 through 1920.In particular, the forgery lacks the bold strokes and fluidity of Plank’s hand and the sharp, angular construction of letters exhibiting the distinctive slant Plank would execute.PSA/DNAs authentication of this bogus Plank signature is another monumental embarrassment for the company operated by the public corporation Collectors Universe which has recently seen its stock price drop considerably by at least 50%.

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