Books for christian teen dating

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You’re praying for a man who will be a spiritual leader, the kind of man who can help you serve God better with him than by yourself.

Lastly, you’re praying for a man who values you more than he values himself (Ephesians -33). Mature teens seek wisdom in scripture and counsel from older Christians, rather than relying on common worldly practices. Quite unsurprisingly, they don’t obsess over dating.

Christian youth and teen books include everything from faith based teen fiction to teen devotionals giving the biblical message on teen life issues such as dating, peer pressure and self esteem.

Christian teen fiction gives you an opportunity to grab their young imaginations and lead them into exciting yet wholesome stories that engage the mind and lift their heart and soul.

You also understand that there is more to a marriage than physical attraction or shared superficial interests.

Perhaps you can counter your boredom by finding more ways to grow in your faith and serve others.

In that moment I (nervously) told her I didn’t think it was wise for most teenagers to date because most teenagers aren’t spiritually mature enough for such commitment, and they don’t have a firm understanding of the kind of people they should date.

Now that I’ve had a moment to think about this question, I’d like to revise my answer.

If this describes you, you’re likely a teen who understands that romantic relationships are hard and require a lot of work.

So you won’t investment those efforts and emotions into someone you can’t marry (I.e., a nonbeliever).

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