Best friend dating crush

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I had a big party, he texted to say he'd be late, no big deal...until his sister told me he was on a date so he probably wouldn't be there. Be honest, if you weren't back in your sleepy town, and were somewhere with more options, would this guy being with another girl really stress you so much?

I called him the next day, we fought; I didn't hear from him for 3 weeks. Let me put it another way: is this really your dream guy, or the guy who you happen to be stranded on the desert island with?

However, true friendships that stand the test of time are a lot more difficult to find and sustain.

These are important questions to consider before making your decision on whether to move on this crush when your best friend has told you not to.

You do this secretly in the hopes that somehow you can keep this from your best friend.

However, inevitably as it often does, your best friend will find out about the relationship. The feeling of betrayal can be so poignant and devastating that it can lead to the end of your friendship.

She might get pissed at first, but she’ll get over it. Is your best friend in a happy, committed relationship? You’ve got the green light to date him if you want to. If she’s really your best friend, she’ll just want you to be happy too.

But sometimes, the heart wants what it wants (sorry for getting Selena Gomez stuck in your head).

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I’m not saying go ahead and jump your friend’s ex right now.

If this is a best friend with whom you have built a meaningful relationship with over the years, it may not be worth it to put that relationship in jeopardy simply to date the crush.

There are so many dating prospects out there for you.

If you date him, you could lose her friendship forever.

If it was never anything serious and it didn’t end badly, she’s probably not going to care.

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