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Queen Urraca granted "villa Coruellos, territorio Legionensi, inter duo flumina, Turio et Pormaextra hereditates que fuerunt de Aluaro Citiz", adding that the property "fuit de vestro avo commite Munnio Munniz", to "Tellus Telliz et Fernandus Telliz" by charter dated May 1112, subscribed by "Froilanus comes, Petrus Didaz, Rudericus Didaz, Rudericus Vermudiz, Petrus Brauoliz, Gutier Fernandiz equonomus regine, Petrus Ruderiquiz, Didacus Aluitiz, Gundisaluus Aluitis"."Petrus Didacus de Legione" subscribed the charter dated under which "Rex Dominus Adefonsus Hispanie ducis domini Reimundi et regine domine Urrace filius" donated property to the monastery of San Julin de Moraimo "in terra de Traba", with the consent of "domini Petri Galecie comitis".Gotina Petriz..filiis meis Petro Didaz, Fernando Didaz donated "in villa...Quintana..Otero..in Rianno..habui de viro meo Monnio Adefonso to Sahagn by charter dated .However, the Nobiliario is the only surviving source which confirms many of the family relationships of the nobility in 13th and 14th century Castile and Len.It therefore cannot be dismissed, but should be used cautiously.City Antiquarium: discover the ancient origins of Avio in the Casa del Vicario (Vicar’s House) and observe the Roman military milestones which marked the way of the ancient travelers.In the heart of the historic center of Avio, the Casa del Vicario hosts the City Antiquarium.

Sancti Michaelis..Gallekellos made by aua mea domna Gotina by charter dated .

The museum exhibits significant archeological finds unearthed in the area.

In particular, observe the Roman military milestones which marked the way of the ancient travelers, and the two funeral inscriptions dating back to around the first half of the 1st century AD. In the Town Antiquarium you will find rare testimonies of a Roman settlement and of the passage of Via Claudia Augusta Padana, one of the most important connecting roads between the Roman Empire and the dominions of Northern Europe.

The Chronica Adefonsi Imperatoris records that Alfonso VII King of Castile sent "Count Rodrigo Martnez and his brother Osorio" to Len to besiege "Pedro Dazin rebellion in the castle of Valle". Pedro Aznarez", adding in a later passage that "Alonso [error for Alvaro] Diaz" married "D. There is confusion about the identity of the wife or wives of Juan Gonzlez.

After pleading for his life with the king, he was allowed to go free but "left to wander in every direction without a king or protector, fell gravely ill and died poor and wretched" MARA Ordez, daughter of ORDOO lvarez & his [first wife Velasquita ---] ([before 1088]-after 1141). Sancha Diaz", adding in a later passage that "Alonso Alvarez de Noroa" married "D. The Nobiliario of Pedro Conde de Barcelos names "D. Teresa Perez", daughter of PEDRO Aznrez & his wife ---. The Nobiliario of Pedro Conde de Barcelos names "D.

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