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The modern division of the year into 12 months, the 24 hours of each day, the division of hours into 60 minutes and 60 seconds, and the divisions of the circle/sphere by 360 degrees, each composed of 60 minutes and 60 seconds of an arc, are all Sumerian developments.This same division by units of six has been observed at several of prominent British megaliths.The tablet has recently been claimed to describe a collision occurred near modern 3,300 BC - Lochmariaquer, France - Several monuments in the Carnac area (dating from 4,700 - 4,500 BC) dismantled and re-used for new constructions. It is suggested that these 56 holes were later used to calculate the Metonic cycle of 18.6 years (3 x 18.6 = 55.8).It is suspected that at this time, the new monuments were designed with a solar emphasis, in contrast to the earlier, predominntly lunar monuments at Lochmariaquer. The same system can be used to calculate tidal motions (based on lunar activity), eclipses, and ultimately to synchronise the movements of the sun and moon.The 17,000 year old Lascaux Caves are now realised to have had their original opening facing the setting summer solstice.The sun has been observed to enter the chambers for one hour on this date.'From Brodgar, where there was once 60 stones, to the Stripple stones with a probable thirty, the builders may have counted in multiples of six. The inner and outer rings at Balfarg have been computed at twenty-four and twelve respectively.Twenty-four has been suggested for Cairnpappel, thirty-six for Arbor Low, and the same number for the devils quoits'.

They recorded the sun at the centre of a system surrounded by several planets.

A survey of several Palaeolithic caves nearby has demonstrated a correlation between cave-art and caves with openings facing important parts of the solar cycle. One of seven large tumulus on the Carnac landscape.

existence of these 'totem' trunks several thousand years before the stone circle suggests a significance even at this early time and certainly raises questions about whether the significance of this latitude was recognised. The tumulus at Carnac contain burial deposits in sealed cysts including several large hordes of finely polished axe-heads, some of extraordinary size, (presumably ceremonial rather than functional). This recently restored Henge monument demonstrates an awareness of the solar cycle, and the simple step required to mark the day end/start point of each cycle.

Because of Nabta's proximity to the Tropic of Cancer, the noon sun is at its zenith about three weeks before and three weeks after the summer solstice, preventing upright objects from casting shadows.

The vertical sighting stones correspond to the zenith sun during the summer solstice.

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